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We are Builders at heart

That is the difference. From sketch to installation, our designers and engineers can help at any stage of a project; think of them as an extension of your team.

How we can help: 

  1. Review existing concepts, designs or RFPs from a design and build perspective.
  2. Offer suggestions on materials that can work towards a design goal but can also help with the budget.
  3. Once the design, materials and budget are finalized, we get to work laying out the build documents.

We can help spark ideas, layout drawings to help gain perspective on the concept, assist with the sourcing of materials and then work directly with our internal build team to bring your designs to life.

ZōN Retail Difference: Our Design and Build Approach.

We approach a project from a build perspective; so the design is laid out to be more efficiently built. Essentially, we build with design in mind. 


Makerbot Kiosk in The Home Depot: Zon Retail Design

When Makerbot was ready to launch their products in retail stores, we worked with their internal design team to design and build the endcaps, display tables and kiosks for The Home Depot, Staples and Fry’s.


tgbBrands Fixtures

Jewelry Fixtures | TGBBrands

the tile shop Large endcaps

Custom Store Fixtures | The Tile Shop

Hammer Made Gallery Picture 5

Custom Store Fixtures | Hammer Made

Makerbot Feature Image

Shop-n-Shop | MakerBot

Hy-Vee Gallery Picture 4

Shop-n-Shop | Hy-Vee

Lacoste Wall Fixture

Perimeter Wall Fixtures | Lacoste

Let us help find the right solution for your project. 

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