DTLR Lightboxes
DTLR Lightboxes
DTLR Fabric Cut

The DTLR visual merchant team needed a partner to help provide custom LED perimeter lightboxes for their regional stores. Since, all of their stores have unique footprints, they also needed a group to manage the production and distribution to their stores.


ZōN Retail Environments works with the DTLR merchandising team to print and finish digital dye-sublimated SEG graphics, build the custom lightbox frames, and then ship the completed LED perimeter lightboxes to all their stores.  To ensure our client has the latest tracking and inventory for their lightbox sizes and designs,  the ZōN Retail team created an online dashboard to provide real-time updates of inventory status.


ZōN Retail Environment continues to partner with DTLR to ensure they have updated visual graphics for their custom light boxes in each store.  In addition, we provide them with warehousing and ship on-demand services. We are a proud partner for DTLR.