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Hy-Vee approached ZōN Retail Environments with the Basin Project concept; a new experiential shop-n-shop area that would highlight the Basin product line, create a luxurious and fun environment and allow shoppers to easily see and test the Basin products. Hy-Vee had an existing Health and Beauty area within their stores, and the Basin Project would become an extension of this product area.


This was a comprehensive project in which ZoN Retail built the walls, cash wraps, sinks and faucets, stations for the soap experience and, all of the overhead structures. Material elements included: vinyl, acrylic, and backlit fabric SEG graphics. We provided all of the Corian surfaces and media wall end-caps.  Working together with Hy-Vee Design team, our scope of work for the Basin Project included: Design-engineering, Visual Merchandising Layout, Digital Inclusion, Engineering, Prototype Development and Fabrication.


Since this installation, Hy-Vee has seen strong sales results for the Basin products, and subsequently, ordered the installation of this same area in twelve other locations. In addition, individual fixtures from this area have been installed at over 185 additional locations. Strong sales results, expansion of the store concept and expansions to additional stores are indicators that the Basin Project achieved the intended goals. ZōN Retail Environments continues to provide Hy-Vee with design & build solutions for their health and beauty departments for new stores as well as remodels. As Hy-Vee continues to grow their presence in the marketplace, ZōN Retail continues to take on new challenges to enhance and showcase specific products within their stores. We are a proud partner for Hy-Vee.