Lacoste Gallery Picture 1
Lacoste Wall with Panels
lacoste wall close up


Lacoste needed a partner to assist with the design and production of a display solution to transform their tired slat-wall into beautiful perimeter product displays.


ZoN Retail designed a highly versatile and modular metal slat-wall display system that hung over existing slat-wall.

First, the new product display wall started with a base foundation of nine metal panels. Each panel had a series of plugs that allowed a wide variety of display units. Magnetic graphics were applied to the panels; easily allowing a store to do their own visual updates.

Then, store staff chose from a variety of shoe platforms, graphic display boxes, or flat shelves to display relevant products and accessories. This program allowed quick and easy customization within a store, and since it was so easy to accomplish, hiring professional installers was not required. Our solution could easily set-up by two store associates.