Makerbot + The Home Depot

Makerbot_THD Endcaps
makerbot endcap design
Makerbot Endcaps THD
Makerbot Endcap Design

Makerbot + Staples

Makerbot Staples
makerbot 3.3 Table Designs

Makerbot + Fry's Electronics

Makerbot Frys
makerbot Kiosk Designs
makerbot Kiosk Designs


When MakerBot decided to develop partnerships in brick and mortar retail, they asked ZōN Retail Environments to help with the fixtures, kiosks and table displays.  Their plan was to launch into a variety of retailers and they needed a partner that could insure the brand message and displays would be consistent at each retailer.  ZōN Retail Environments worked with their design team and developed a materials branding package that could be used for initial and future display campaigns.


The ZōN Retail design team met with each retailer (The Home Depot, Staples and Fry’s) to ensure the display concepts would be approved by their legal, visual and liability groups.  Using the materials branding package, ZōN Retail and the MakerBot design team developed custom display programs for each retailer.  Each program included graphics, POP displays, end caps, retail fixtures, and interactive kiosks.


With the success of these programs, Makerbot expanded their presence into Best Buy as well.  ZōN Retail Environments is a proud partner for Makerbot.