Silicone edge graphics (SEG), are used everywhere: tradeshows, retail stores, or at events. So, what makes them so popular?
SEG fabric graphics make a cost-effective dramatic impact in an almost frameless display.

SEG Fabric Graphics: So, how are they made?

Custom images are heat transferred directly into the fabric using a process known as digital dye sublimation. This process essentially transfers the image into the fabric versus over the fabric, resulting in a colorful, long-lasting and wear-resistant image.

Once the fabric graphic is printed and cut to size, a thin silicone strip (which is also known as a welt or gasket) is sewn directly to the edge of the fabric, which allows the fabric to be stretched tight over a frame. This silicone strip is then inserted into a frame with a recessed groove for a result that mimics a magnetic or hard-panel graphic.  Be sure to alert your sales representative if you are interested in adding light to your images; this does change the fabric used in the application.

SEG Graphic Advantages: Why choose Silicone Edge over Magnetic or Hard-Panel Graphics?

No matter the use; retail displays, tradeshows or events, SEG graphics are very cost effective. This is because installations are simple and can usually be accomplished by just one person, which sometimes can reduce the overall labor. In addition, changing out SEG graphics is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

SEG graphics are also reusable, and changeable. Moving them into different frames to change the look and feel of your store or display can be done easily and quickly. Plus, they can be rolled or folded to take up less space in the display or in a store.
Silicon edge fabric graphics offer a different look and feel than magnetic or hard-panel graphics; SEG graphics are more vibrant with rich colors. Fabric graphics are also glare-free which makes them readable from almost any angle. This is a huge benefit for retailers who have external lighting near their entrances or at events, where lighting is out of your control.

Not only are fabric graphics more vivid and versatile, than hard-panel or magnetic graphics, but they are also lighter. Shipping and storing them is less costly. Plus, no worries about tears or creases since they fold right up. However, if the graphics do become wrinkled or dirty, they can be easily machine washed or steamed. Now, that is a bonus!

One last comment on SEG Graphics for tradeshows or in retail stores with high ceilings. The weight of the SEG framed graphic is less than the hardware for a magnetic or hard-panel graphic. Resulting in lower costs for shipping, storage and installation.

Let’s review the advantages of SEG Fabric Graphics:

  1. Fabric is more vivid and offers deeper colors than hard panel.
  2. Much easier to install, lightweight, and more affordable to ship and store.
  3. Glare-free and more legible in bright light.
  4. Versatile framing options: Single-Sided, Double-Sided, Back-Lit, Thin or Wide Framing.
  5. Less visible hardware to allow focus on the fabric image.
  6. Fabric is seamless at the edges, no tears, folds or creases.
  7. Fabric can be steamed or machine washed; to extend the life of the fabric print.

SEG Fabric Graphics:  What type of printer should we use?

Select a printer that has your color. At ZoN Retail, we are a G7 Master Qualified print shop certified to manage your colors across a variety of print substrates. Essentially, your branded color will stay true on all of the different materials in your branded print program. Project size is no problem, whether you need a few fabric backdrops or 10,000 backlit lightboxes, we can deliver your color consistently.

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